Bursting onto the music scene with his highlife-afropop fusion of hit “Big Thug Boys”, Afrobeats rave, Adindu Victor, popularly known as Baby Boy AV keeps mesmerizing the music industry with his unique style of “fun music.”

From his “Big Thug Boys” statement hit to “Temperature” to the effervescent playboyesque “Confession” and to his year-ending extended play project, ‘Thug Love.”

Baby Boy AV confesses that he has only been catching fun all along. Now, he has a new confession: “I am only just getting started, and it begins with my upcoming album!”

Adorning a richly treated dread over a furry-collared brown leather jacket, Baby Boy AV oozed an aura of excitement over newfound intentionality.

The interview cruises and swivels, accompanied by bursts of laughter from jokes at short intervals.

Born and raised in Benin City, The 21-year-old Baby Boy AV had a strict, simple, fun childhood filled with music. Music has been a part of his life for as long as he can remember, with his late father’s influence playing a significant role in his early exposure to music. Although he has been into music his whole life, He only started making music professionally in 2019 when he moved from the heartbeat city, Benin, to the entertainment capital of Nigeria, Lagos. His earliest memory of getting into music was from his father, who used to play the guitar. He describes his style of music as “fun music” and aims to create music that lifts the soul and puts listeners in a good mood. “I am just a music lover through and through,” Baby Boy AV said. “My style of music is pretty simple; I call it fun music. I make music that pleases the soul, lifts the soul, makes you want to dance, and puts you in a good mood.”

Baby Boy AV‘s hit singles “Big Thug Boys” and “Confession” have been hugely successful, but he admits that he wasn’t expecting “Big Thug Boys” to blow up the way it did. He realized the song was a hit when he received a text from Oxlade showing King Promise and Omah Lay singing “Big Thug Boys” in Ghana.

“When I released Big Thug Boys, nobody knew me,” Baby Boy AV said. “Honestly, I wasn’t expecting it to be that big, but I am glad it is.”

Baby Boy AV‘s creative process is all about the energy in his environment and getting a good vibe with his producers. His anticipated single, “Wicked Lo“, is a heartbreak song expressing his feelings about love at this stage.

“It’s kind of a heartbreak song; it’s me just expressing how I particularly feel about love at this stage of my life and the experiences that I’ve had which have not been pleasant,” Baby Boy AV said. “Wicked Love is a story of my experience with love.”

When asked about his challenges as an artist, Baby Boy AV says “I see them as life lessons rather than obstacles.” He defines success as “good health and being okay for the longest time, taking care of family, and enabling them to live a good life.”

“I don’t really see challenges; I see life lessons,” Baby Boy AV said. “I have learnt a lot of lessons here and there. I do not face challenges; I just learn.”

Through his music, Baby Boy AV hopes to convey the message of fun and happiness to his listeners. He wants his music to lift their spirits and make them forget about their stress, even if it’s just for a little while.

“My favorite thing about music is the feeling it gives, how it lifts the soul, how it can change your mood, from sad to happy,” Baby Boy AV said. “The message I want to push with my music is ‘fun,’ I want everybody to be happy at some point in their life.”

With Afrobeats music gaining popularity globally, Baby Boy AV believes that hard work is the key to success in the industry.

“I think a lot of hard work has contributed to the popularity of Afrobeats,” Baby Boy AV said. “It’s the hard work we Nigerian artistes put into our craft that, in turn, makes it go. So, for Afrobeats growth and popularity, I think hard work is number one, and the work our legends have put in for us is another big contributor to the growth of Afrobeats globally.”

When asked about his collaborations, Baby Boy AV said he doesn’t have a lot of collabos, but he definitely enjoyed making music with Victony.

“I definitely enjoy making music with him,” Baby Boy AV said. “We always make music together, always at the studio together.”

Looking ahead, Baby Boy AV has a lot of projects in the works, and he wants his fans to stay tuned.

“I have a lot of stuff coming after this single,” Baby Boy AV said. “You guys should watch out for that, and just stay tuned.”

Baby Boy AV‘s “fun music” is a breath of fresh air in a music industry that can often be serious and intense. His music is like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day, bringing joy and euphoria to listeners. With his unique style and positive message, he will continue making waves in the Afrobeats scene and beyond.

Baby Boy AV’s music is like a refreshing.

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Interview by: Adetola Adebayo
Photographed: Bolurin Onafeso
Assist: Alex Edun
Camera: Ibrahim Olowolagba & Felix Babalola
Creative Director: Rayo Kasali
Executive Producer Adedamola Edun