From the heartlands of Bayelsa State, a rising star named Precious Mac has burst onto the scene, leaving her indelible mac (pun intended) as she shines across the Nigerian music constellation. You might recognize her from the electrifying 8th season of Nigerian Idol, where she secured the esteemed position of first runner-up.

Hailing from a lineage brimming with musical brilliance, Precious Mac’s roots run deep. Her family tree boasts the likes of Naomi Mac and Faith Mac, both having graced the stages of previous Idol seasons. With genes steeped in melodic prowess, it’s no surprise that Precious Mac carries on this harmonious tradition.

At a mere 23 years old, Precious Mac exudes an artistry beyond her years. Her vocal dexterity and magnetic stage presence sets her apart as a force to be reckoned with in the emerging Nigerian music scene.

One particular performance caught the attention of the digital sphere. On May 28th, 2023, Precious Mac’s rendition of Alicia Keys “No One” reverberated across social media platforms, capturing the hearts of music enthusiasts far and wide.

As she follows in the footsteps of her musically gifted family, Precious Mac’s journey is one of promise and potential. With her roots firmly planted in rich sonic heritage and her melodies resonating nationwide, she stands poised to carve her name in the Nigerian music walk of fame. 

She talked about her journey and the future with Adetola Adebayo.


How do you feel coming out as top 2 on Nigerian Idol season 8?

Coming out top 2 on Nigerian Idol is simply amazing, I am really grateful to my family, friends, fans and loved ones, because I would not have done this without them.

What impact has your sister’s performances in Nigerian Idol had on your journey?

It has really influenced my journey on the show, I watched them walk that part and learn from their wins and losses, learnt how to perform, what to do and what not to do, and several other things and it has gone a long way in influencing my journey on the show.

Growing up in a musical family, share some memorable moments from your childhood?

One notable one is our singing during morning devotions, people will feel like it will be a mixture of different musical notes but it’s just us singing normally, except on a few days when we have that energy and want to do something together, my brother will be playing the guitar, the rest of us singing. Every one of us can sing but not every one of us is in the music industry. I really enjoyed those moments, and I miss them because now everyone is so busy with their lives.

How important is family to your journey?

Family is 100% important, not just because we are a musical family, not because my sister is Naomi Mac, but the support I get from them is amazing, I think it’s one of the things that keeps me going because I know they are rooting for me always, they want to see me do exploits, want the world to hear my voice. I have an order, God, family, friends.

How did your participation in the Nigerian Idol competition help you evolve as an artiste?

Nigerian Idol Season 8 stretched me a lot, it opened my eyes to things I could do more than I could have ever imagined. I had never danced and sung at the same time, but I had to do that on the show, as it is a key element for a performer. I am also a very shy person, people will disagree but I am, on the show I was able to express myself more than I would because as an artiste you cannot be shy. All of the coaching on the show has helped me expand and grow in my artistry.

Is there a particular song or performance that holds a special place in your heart?

I have a couple of them, ‘From this moment’ and ‘Diamonds’ by Rihanna. I sang my cover of ‘From this moment’ on a family show day, I have a family memory of that song, and my sister was also present on the show the day I sang it. “For Diamonds”, I love Rihanna, and I have always wanted to do her song. I did not expect to do it the way I did it, and having to do the song that way, it will stay in my memory forever.

Your performance of Alicia Keys’ “No One” really stands out, is there any connection you feel to that particular song?

Growing up I loved Alicia Keys, at a point in my life I wanted to sound like her, be like her, because I liked her style of music and every other thing about her. She was simple and could execute anything and I used to follow her so much. I really loved the song “No One”, not because every other song was difficult but because “No One” was something that you could do anywhere and something that anyone could relate to.

How will you describe your sound?

My sound is something that uplifts people. When I want to sing or put out a track and I want to make sure people listening feel better when they hear me. I love and I sing about love, good things. I love it when people listen to any love song and they can relate.

I want to paint real scenarios with my music, I love reality; my music is reality, and my music is life.

While performing how do you manage to invoke emotions in your listeners and leave them spellbound?

First off, I first relate to the song, I’m as human as any other person listening to the song and I believe if I can feel the song they can also feel it. I think of me being in that place where the person was singing about and I try to expand it to every other person so they can also feel what I am feeling. I don’t know how it happens but I know that’s what is in my head, it’s my intention and Glory be to God that I can pass that across to people.

Beyond Nigerian Idol what are your aspirations in the music industry, are there any collaborations or genres you will like to explore?

Definitely, I will love to work with a couple of artists; I will love to venture into certain genres of music. I don’t like jazz but I will love to do Jazz, try out Juju music, and try out every other song I haven’t tried yet.

On collaborations, I will love to work with a couple of artists like Spyro, Wizkid, Davido, and Tems, and give you guys amazing sound.

What are your other interests away from music?

This is shocking because I don’t look like it but I love to cook. I have a pasta business that I used to run but we are closed down for personal reasons at the moment.

How do you balance your music career and personal life?

Striking a balance is hard because in the professional world, you have to stay professional while in our personal lives, you have emotions and everything running and at some point, they can sometimes clash. I have this consciousness that I want something and if I want it I have to work for it, if I want to be successful I have to work and I won’t let anything jeopardize that phase of my life. I am in a phase where I want to work, I want to be successful, I want to reach out to people and impact lives, and I will do everything it takes to get it. 

Any project in the works?

Very soon I will be doing a mini show/meet and greet for you guys because I want to meet everyone who has been supporting me and get to know you guys. It will happen sometime this August; I look forward to meeting you all.

What message do you hope to share with your audience through your music and platform?

My message is God, love and good life. I know there are challenges in life but we can only get through that with love and with God.

I want to give you guy’s good music that has to do with love and God. This is not about me being a gospel singer, my music is for everybody.

What are your bits of advice to aspiring singers?

Keep working, don’t stop. If you want something, don’t sit and wait for it to come to you, you have to work to get it. Use your talent; it will take you a step closer to where you want to be each day. Keep working and your efforts will not be in vain.

What are your plans for the immediate future?

At the moment I am working on myself, I am working on a new sound for you guys. I am not sitting idle, I am working, making sure I don’t wait around because at this point I just want to give your guys amazing sound, I want you guys to hear me better, I want you guys to be able to stream my songs not just hear me on stage even though I know you have seen me perform a couple of times. 

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